Healing massage


Our body consists of energy and everything around us is energy, energy consists of + and – in fact, energy is always positive or neutral. Through positive thoughts and positive lifestyles, our bodies automatically charge themselves. But sometimes energy can reach a very low level through influences and the positive energy can no longer flow optimally through our body and it gets blocked. Stress, negative influences or thoughts and emotions can make your body ill, down or energyless. Through Healing massage I bring you back into contact with your own body and I help you to activate your Chi, qi forces that ensure that energy can flow freely through your body again. I help you to heal your own body and mind, to feel fit and well again. A very special healing and massage that restores your body to all negative conditions. I remove all negative influences from you by means of a massage and I give positive healing energy and clean your aura.

For whom Healing Massage?
Healing massage is good for everyone even if you do not have physical or mental problems.

For everyone with:
Burn out,
Physical problems,
Sleep disorders,
Lifeless and energy-free feelings,
To care,