Fortuneteller / Medium

By means of Tarot-cards or palm reading, I predict your future and everything you want to know.

private consultations
Making a private consultation takes about an hour, the time is taken for you.
All cards are made and makes a complete picture of your future that I can read.
I tell you everything I see, you can also ask me everything.

Consult by phone
You are not able to come for a private session? you can also choose for a telephone consultation.

Palm reading
Palm reading can only be used in combination with a private consultation. Palm reading says a lot about your character, how your character influences your future and which future path you follow.

Picture reading
If you want to know something about another person, you can WhatsApp me a picture or take a Photo consultation during a Tarot cards consultation. On the basis of the photo energy, the cards are laid and read for that person. You can ask anything you want, I tell you everything I see.

For private consultations and telephone consultations you must make an appointment in advance.
Whatsapp messages I can quickly answer send a WhatsApp message for all questions, prices and appointments: +31(0)658815316