Who is Dileila Theunisz?

I was born on the road in Amsterdam … That may sound strange, but it is true! I was born in a Nomad family, people who are always traveling, moving from city to city and from country to country. My mother Anika Theunisz went to Amsterdam in a beautiful old caravan at the time of the contractions. My mother gave me the name Dileila. Most people like to hear my name, cause they remind them of a song and they sing the song of Tom Jones My My Dileila … or the song hey there Dileila .. With the question: “What did you do in New York?” Or they ask me: “to the biblical story of Samson and Dileila why I cut Samsons hair? “and when I mention my name to Arab people they say:” ooho your mother must have had a special night “because Dileila means” special night “in Arabic .. usually Dileila is written differently than mine. My name has been discovered in a special way. My mother found the name in a Dutch Suske en Wiske children book “De kale kapper” she was inspired by a girl who could conjure and she was called Dileila. My mother always told me that I wanted to be called Dileila, she was given when I was in her belly. Nice right? .. And you know what..I really have something with magic and spirituality.

How do A Spiritual Nomadic family actually live?
I have an older sister, her name is Michele. I had a very nice childhood. In my youth I have seen many countries and cities, by antique caravan, by car, by caravan, by trailer or by hotel. We traveled to Germany every six months for 17 years. I grew up largely in Germany in many different cities in Germany. like: Dusseldorf, Bremen, Hamburg, Hannover, Frankfurt, Berlin… The most we were in Hamburg because my mother Anika had a television program there and she also helped many people in Hamburg mentally, physically and spiritually. My mother also worked 3 months a year at the Hamburger Dom in our beautiful antique caravan and predicted the future to many thousands of people. So I was raised and raised daily with spirituality and enormous knowledge about life.
Hamburg is really a beautiful city, actually I find many cities in Germany very beautiful and I always feel comfortable when I am back in Germany. Germany is also very romantic, they know everything about decorating, I really like them. Attractions, parks, shops everything always looks great. In between we traveled a lot to Spain, America, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Portugal, Hawaii, Morocco, Belgium, South Africa, the Netherlands and so on for the life’s work of my Mother, Clairvoyant, Fortune-teller, High Teacher in Cosmic consciousness. What is my life’s work now?

Our culture and origin is very special. Nomadic tribes, also called Gypsies, are a mixture of all kinds of Nationalities, so I am a mix of Italian, Spanish, Roman, Indian, Aboriginal, Dutch, French, Belgian and German. Traveling is in our blood and it is also very difficult to get that urge out! and why would you want it too ..??
The origins of the Nomadic people took place in India, A people that has evolved immensely on a spiritual level and wandered the world to help people who had lost their inner source God were also called the Siddhas. You can not compare it to the current Religions. Their doctrine contains the immortal life, eternal health and the art of Alchemy. Their motto for life is: “The world / universe is our home wherever we are, we are always at home.” The tribe kept aloof from the normal population who was ruled by one leader and indoctrinated by the power system and all kinds of religions and idols. The Siddhas knew that man himself is the only leader and did not idolize anyone except himself / God. Unfortunately, there have also been among the Siddhas people who have allowed themselves to be influenced and have strayed, re-incarnated and no longer knew the true meanings of their ancestors but still have the spiritual meanings and the free spirit to travel. This is how the Gypsies / Nomads came into being. A traveling people that knew more than the normal population and engaged in spiritual rather than natural considerations.
Later, these nomads appointed themselves to the fairground operators, campers, circus families, gypsies, because they also had to start earning money as a traveling people in order to be able to continue traveling. They all speak the same language and all are travelers, and yet they are all a different tribe. But if you say who you are then you are one family again and that is how you are treated. The families in shipping also belong to this.

You have a very special way of life
Yes For 500 generations, in my family, a way of life that is called cosmic consciousness is also universal thinking.
My mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and so on have passed on the wise lessons from mother to child and each generation gained more knowledge and developed more and more. I am the 5th generation who gives forth these life wisdoms and can make many people happy and able to help. I have been brought up with spirituality and knowledge about everything that exists including man himself. This knowledge makes it easy to read people, develop telepathy and predict the future of people just like my ancestors did.

Dileila as a little girl?
I was a very sweet child, but very stubborn, curious and very enterprising. My mother always had to run after me and search for me because I always walked my own way. Yes my mom and big sister had their hands full to me ..
I was very strong, so I demolished the whole box when I was 1.5 years old and I took out all the screws. I was a small Bam Bam from the Flintstones but then the female form.

Because I traveled a lot in my youth, I had friends and girlfriends everywhere in every city and country where we came. I thought that was great! I got to know many languages ​​and cultures and I was brought up that everyone is equal. As a child I was regularly found at the fair because my mother often did her job there too and that was fantastic. My youth was one big amusement park with music and lots of fun. As a Showmen you can go in every attraction for free and you saw fireworks every Friday in Germany. I can still remember everything as the day of yesterday. With the caravan we stood behind the Antique caravan where my mother did her work. So that was very easy and gave my mother a safe feeling that her kids were so close and if it was bad weather than I was playing with my girlfriends in the caravan or we had some goodies and snack from the fair and we watch a nice movie in the caravan, a wonderful feeling.
I went to bed with music at night because the fairs in Germany go on until midnight. The fairs in Germany are very big and romantic, they still play beautiful old-fashioned music, think of Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, Elvis Presley and so on. that way you could fall asleep as a child.

As a child I always did 30 things at the same time and that has never changed haha ​​.., singing, dancing, theater, doing business, selling, spirituality etc etc .. I also still love adrenalin sports, Martial arts, Mountain climbing, Diving, Snowboarding, Free running, breackdancing and so on. The more exciting the fun. My interests are very big and that ensures that life never gets bored.

My mother’s upbringing allowed me to develop my spirituality even more.
As a child I was always different and more aware than other children. Everyone was always happy to listen to me what I had to say, because of the many journeys, my background and upbringing I always had a lot to tell.
As a little girl, I remembered a lot from my previous life. For example, when I was 3 years old I told them that I had been a male Doctor and that I helped a lot of people, I can still get the images for me.
I was always concerned with spirituality and spiritual forces that are in every person to develop it. For example, as a 4-year-old girl, I was able to cure people, if i blinked my eyes quickly, I saw i lot of colours going in to the skin of the painful spot when someone was sick or someone was hurting somewhere and then the pain disappeared immediately.
healing by hand is very common with us in the family and I love to give people the energy they need. I walked through stinging nettles without being stabbed, and bees regularly walked over my arms without being stabbed. I told my mother that I talk to them and said they are my friends. Every human being can talk to animals and plants, but unfortunately these talents are not developed because no attention is given to them.

As a child I was attending several international schools in different countries and was actually always popular, not that I did so consciously, but I never occupied myself with bullying or negative annoying things. When someone was being bullied, I was always the one who said something and took it for the other. Also learned from our culture that the first blow is worth a thaler. So yes I was not afraid. Fortunately, I have rarely made bullying around me. I was always positive, happy, cheerful but also very wise and aware of life. Of course by my way of life. As a child I often joined when my mother was working to learn how auras look like and how you can help people and see their future. I was always taught to build people up and give courage and strength. Nothing can be achieved with negativity.
And if you want to be popular, it is important to always walk your own way, that being different is actually interesting, friendly and not to judge because in the end we are all 1.

Entrepreneurship & Talents
From Baby on I was raised with music and acrobatics. My Grandmother was a born circus artist and came from a big circus family. She had 9 sisters and brothers who were all very talented. They were able to sing and dance at a very young age as the best juggling, playing the violin, acrobatics, tightrope trapeze and Russian dancing. Dancing and Singing was also a breeze. My Granny used to train me in the past and I still benefit from that, in spite of the fact that you used to be stubborn as a child and did not want to listen to what your Grandmother wanted to teach you, but now that I’m bigger, you wish you had more listened! because she was soo talented.
Entrepreneurship is just in my blood. When I was six years old, I was singing on the stage and I performed regularly. When people used to ask me what I wanted to be later, I always said Singer or Filmster haha ​​.. Now I would not have been able to choose anything and still. Many professions are fun .. But I do know that what I do now, I like the most.

Selling is really my thing, I think it’s a sport, a challenge. I can make money with anything and I never have to be shy. If you just dare and develop many talents you can always make money anywhere and you are never too old to learn. I used to sell necklaces, cookies and oliebollen on my 7th. I plucked prunes in the meadow and sold them along the doors. I always invented something. Also doing chores for my neighbors I found great because that way I could buy some goodies at the candy store.

Your puberty
I honestly did not suffer from my puberty as some parents or children sometimes say.
Because I learned everything about hormones early on and should not let you go crazy by mass histerie and herd behavior because that’s the way it is, Me and my mother never experienced it as annoying or something like that. All those boxes placed what the crowd does make you crazy: 2 years old is no .. when they turn 10 they become stubborn. when they are 14 years old, those hormones start to play and they do not want to listen to you or are they bothering, etc. etc. If you keep your children from mirroring, then they will certainly live after that. I was very aware of my body and did not care about it and outside of that I was so busy with traveling and doing fun things that I did not have time to be busy with that. In addition, My Mother allowed me allot. My mother also never put me pressure on hard learning and working and all the exam stress that children have. I never had that because my mother used to say: “you do not become rich or a better person.” You become rich or a better person of the things you like and make your life happy, and passion for a profession or occupation offers more than forced study and a profession that you do not like .. I had no reason to be bothered because if you just get freedom you do not have to break out.

So you were an entrepreneur at a young age
Yes sure i was! and that is only getting worse haha ​​..
From that I could write from a young age, I already wrote songs. They were then still about gifts or the Christmas tree, but oh so cute, I have a book where I had the songs written down, I estimate that I was 6 years old. My mother, when I was 7 years old, wrote a song for me oh Hamburger DOM that is well-known among the showmen in Germany. I was very young when I started with Model Work, Stage School, Healing, Divination, Singing, Dancing … from the age of 15 we moved to Spain. In Spain I gave exhibitions of my paintings, I turned out to have a talent for painting, while I had never touched a brush before. I made gigantic wall paintings in offices, villas and companies in Marbella.
Everything I like, I did, and of course and otherwise I am asked for it or come There is something new on my path again spontaneously. Giving training courses to concepts, guiding and helping people in all sorts of areas, having an all-round entertainment agency, designing logistic services, foundations and supporting all kinds of companies and people, giving workshops and courses in all kinds of areas and I am still being called daily for advice . Anyone who needs help or advice in any area can come to me for a consultation or contact me by phone.

What is your goal?
My biggest goal is to develop the cosmic consciousness and share it with the whole world. I also like to show people who are interested how easy life can be if you only have a positive mind-set.
Recently through social media, because the world has become so accessible and this is just fantastic that you can now easily share all your wisdoms via the internet.

So who is Dileila? 
I am Dileila Theunisz
From a special Nomad family, with a way of life who has been in my family for 500 years and from generation to generation is given a knowledge that cosmic consciousness is called to give it a name. Because of my traveling existence, I do speak 5 languages. I am a wife and mommy and also raise my child spiritually with my age-old way of life. Through my way of life I have developed a lot of talents and a broad interest in life. I am vegetarian, I love reading, I am known as clairvoyant, fortune teller , multi teacher in all sorts of fields, vlogster, singer / songwriter, artist, designer, concept creator, motivator, author, director, inventor etc etc … What do I do not do if the gross of humanity develops only 5% of their brains and use. Da I ​​am going for the full 100% … .Imagine what we could do ?? !! Life has to be lived and I take it with both hands.